jeudi 3 décembre 2009

The NSNA not-so-faifhfull review Affair

Way back in Summer 1983 , I was starting to write ' professionnal ' film reviews in various French movie magazines ( amongst them the newly born ' Mad Movies ' ) . Already a James Bond Fan for many years, I couldn't miss the opportunity of seeing the two new films of that peculiar year in Bondage history .
I went to London by June and paid a visit to the Leceister square Odeon - and then managed to get my hands on an enormous UK Never Say Never Again press-kit, courtesy of those nice people at Warner .
Back in Paris I was asked by some editors to write a comparative review of the two Bonds , despite not having seen the Connery one .
So, bodly using the Press notes , I managed to deliver a rather fair critic ...So fair indeed that the Warner Bros French P.R dpt. decided to use my own synopsis for the French NSNA Press Kit ...Halas , it turns out my imagination had run a bit wild and, quite honestly , that synopsis bears significant differences with the real script of the movie...
For instance ,I naively wrote about the theft of two...H Bombs ( no doubt influenced by the original Fleming treatment ! ) ...
Haven't received so far any complaint from anyone , so it must have slipped under the radar !!!!

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