vendredi 4 décembre 2009

The Magazine that Never Was Affair

In the fall of 1997 I was contacted by some Graphic designers studio to become the appointed editor-in-Chief of a new magazine ...

Modestly called ' Legend ' , that opus had a firm 1960s / Bond / Spy thrillers approach , so I signed at once ( besides I just had then some nasty experience with a Publishing company , which had obtained the Danjaq licence to publish the official ' T.N.D ' french magazine ...Courtesy of yours truly , who wasn't even contacted afterwards to write in said mag . Sigh ).

Anyway , Legend would undoubtly be the new Rolling Stone of the 60's afficionados. Those graphic designers were convinced they already had a sure hit in their hands .

So finally appeared the ' Test issue ' .

For those not familiarized with the Publishing world , I should explain that it's common practice , before actually lauching a new title , to create a kind of ' mold ' within a test copy .

That copy is just to test the visual appeal on potential buyers . There's no real text , or articles printed in it , merely columns of letters to fill in the necessary text space .

To make things short , let's just say that ' Legend ' finally never saw the light of Publishing for various reasons .
All that remain today are some pages from that Test issue I reproduce here for your enjoyment ...

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