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Christmas Bonus : LICENCE TO REMEMBER - exclusive Bond Memories From Tony Crawley - Part 1

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Intro : as some form of respect to my illustrious ,eeer , Elders , I decided to invite some of them writing something on that Blog about agent 007 .
First one to call back is the great Film journalist Tony Crawley , who graciously sent me several paragraphs of funny anecdotes about his numerous encounters with that man Bond .
So seat back, relax and enjoy a trip down to Memory Lane .
Text & Pics copyrighted Tony Crawley ( otherwise mentionned ) .

The year is 1963.
The first week shooting of FRWL coincides with the publication of OHMSS .
A Media Party is arranged . A coach from London to Pinewood in the Bucks countryside.

More Bucks ( Fizz ) on tables laddened with good muncheables on the FRWL set ( Nb : Gipsy camp set , most probably ) .
The whole team is there . The men who make Bond great : Sean, Cubby Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, Ian Fleming and Terence Young .
Oh, plus the Duke of Bedford - dunno why ?
I grab a book and get Sean to autograph it . And the Duke .Why not ?
' Hope to see you soon at my shack ' , he scribbled - he has one of the finest UK Tourist glory , the 18th Century Stately Home called Woburn Abbey...

A Journalist Pal shoots me with Sean .
He pulls his Walther on me . Looking into those hard,Bondian eyes is quite ...Something . Almost scary .
He was charming , but then the 007 hysteria and his hassles with disorganised schedules of the franchise had not yet begun.
More champers on the bus back to town where I should say the night ended with me pissing all Fresco in what proves to be Bedford Square . Never told the Duke .
Next Time I saw Sean was on Goldfinger . He was in bed , or rather on it , with Shirley Eaton ( they share his PJs ) seconds before her paint job and his going to a fridge , saying something about the Beatles .
Wasn't everybody in 64' ?

Photo copyright Graham Spears.
Every 007 film has a page on Tony's Website :

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