mardi 26 avril 2011

The name's Armstrong... Vic Armstrong ...

Received today copy of Robert Sellers's Vic Armstrong biography " The True Adventures of the World's Greatest StuntMan " .

The CV of that guy would make any decent Film fan blemish with awe ( Some fan - namely Steven Spielberg himself - signed the introduction of the book ... ) .

Am about to devour it by the night .

More details tomorrow...

mercredi 13 avril 2011

" No well dressed man should be without one..."

One of the most memorable stunt of the 4th James Bond movie ( Thunderball ) appears in its precredits sequence . 007 escapes the Villain's lair by casually flying off the turrets of the Chateau d'Anet , using a revolutionary type of vehicle , the Jet Pack .

The Jetpack is actually a Bell Rocket Belt, a fully functional rocket pack device. It was designed for use in the army, but was rejected because of its short flying time of 21-22 seconds. Powered by hydrogen peroxide, it could fly about 250m and reach a maximum altitude of 18m, going 55km/h.

Despite its impracticality in the real world, the Jetpack made a spectacular debut in Thunderball. Although Sean Connery is seen in the takeoff and landings, the main flight was piloted by Gordon Yeager and Bill Suitor.

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It is designed for safety, stability, ease-of-use, and precise and effortless flight controls. Learn basic flight with video-assisted training on land and as little as six minutes of on-water instructions.

No other flying device even comes close to the Jetlev R200’s stability, agility and ease of use. Feel as one with the jetpack when you fly, and experience levitation flight so stable that you feel as if you are suspended on cables.

The three-dimensional degree of freedom will thrill and enthrall you like nothing else you have ever experienced.

You can fly over deep open water with the assurance that it is one of the safest power sports ever invented.

The Jetlev R200 will forever change our pre-conceived notions about personal flight!