mardi 25 janvier 2011

Carte Blanche : Your Mission , should you decide to accept it ...

Wonderful stuff received this very day in my mail box ( the
real one - not the Matrix-like ones ) : an A4 plain white enveloppe encrusted with the literary 007 logo . Send by Hodder & Stoughton ...

Enveloppe seemed to contain unusual stuff when I picked it up : surprise , a brand new MP4 reader , complete with set of headphones , Usb link and a Press announcement about Mr Jeffery Deaver's next James Bond novel ( you know , the one with a French title . Hoorray ) .

Truly Mission: Impossible stuff ... Was almost expecting after fiddling with the controls that the thing casually blew in my face .

( Have to confess that , although being myself a true geek regarding new technology gadgets , I'm definitly not the Engineer type . You know , the one who can instantly understand how works the latest Tokyo manufactured gadget ...)

Hence a few minutes ( nah, let's be honest : a good half an hour ! ) fighting with the thingie , just to try to have it ,well, ...Passing on its ' on ' mode .

Don't laugh , I'm embarassed enough .

Anyway , the Technika MP4 Player containts the Carte Blanche video animation ( which can be seen on the official site ) , music tracks ( 2 ) , Radio tuning , Recording function, etc.,etc...
Hats down to the Communication bureau who thought of that great idea .
Haven't had such fun since receiving the blue Promo diskettes for the Independance Day movie launch way back in 1996 .

Can't help wishing to have next a vintage Aston Martin DB5 parked right in front of my house in Paris , with a buxom Blonde as Chauffeur ...Come on, Hodder & Stoughton, please ...

vendredi 21 janvier 2011

EXCLUSIVE REPORT 3 : “ A Jeffery Deaver novel but set in the world that Ian Fleming created. “

We were lucky enough to have our own very special correspondent at Dubaï being able to attend Mr Jeffery Deaver's first official Public Conference as the new James Bond thriller writer.

In the last part of her report , we'll learn more tantalising titbits about the plot of Carte Blanche...
Once again, a big " thank you " to our special correspondent for bringing us that exclusive report .
Text & Photo copyrighted Miss N.Cloet 2011 - Editing & Publishing copyright Media Bis 2011 . Report written by Nathalie Cloet

( M. Jeffery Deaver ) continues to explain that if a scene is approached in a certain way (using example of the Goldfinger book intro – bond sits reflecting at airport after killing an assassin), we start to think about the consequences of taking a human life, and our way of thinking is elevated.

When asked why he gave up working as a lawyer, Mr Deaver explained: “So many lawyers become writers because we hate practicing law.” He knew when he was very young that he wanted to write fiction, and was writing novels while doing several jobs. He shredded his first book, because he was embarrassed to read it. He was 40 years old when he was making enough money to quit working as a lawyer, and now enjoys very much going to the office in pyjamas.

He takes about one year to write a book, of which 9 months is spent on research and an extensive outline (170 pages).

Two months is spent writing the actual book (about 40 pages per day) and one month is spent editing. Carte Blanche is 99 % finished, only some editing is left to do.

When asked how much freedom he was given to write the Bond novel, he explained that they - Jeffery Deaver and Ian Fleming Publishing company - first settled on common ground, and immediately agreed to set the novel in contemporary time.

At the same time, Carte Blanche will be a Jeffery Deaver novel, written in his own style, featuring James Bond. All in all, he called it “a very enjoyable mutual project”.

On the question of who he had in mind as Bond when writing the book, he answered that he had seen most of the movies, but has the imprint in mind from the books, where Ian Fleming described Bond as resembling Hoagy Carmichael ( who was also the base of the Daily Express Comic strips adaptations of Ian Fleming's novels .NdA ) . He also stated that he was delighted to be associated with Bond, but that he had not thought beyond Carte Blanche, as he is currently busy with other books.

Finally, the last question that was permitted from the audience was to ask if the minor characters from the Bond series: M, Q, Moneypenny would be present in the book.

He explained that this would be a Jeffery Deaver novel but set in the world that Ian Fleming created. All characters will be updated to fit the time period. “I wanted to move seamlessly” he stated, and also hinted that we might see accessories that we seem familiar with, and characters will be familiar but suitably updated. The women, similar to the women Ian Fleming created, will be very strong and resourceful.

The event ( which lasted about two hours ) concluded with a rendering of “Nobody does it Better” once more sung by Celeste, and addressed to Mr. Deaver himself, after which he kindly was available for autographs on both his existing books or book inserts for Carte Blanche.

Nathalie Cloet – Special agent “ Live “ from the Dubai Emirate airlines Festival of Literature 2011 .
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Acknowledgments : Lucy Charasse ( Colman Gety ) ; ; Mr Jeffery Deaver; Miss Nathalie ( Tintin ) Cloet .

jeudi 20 janvier 2011

EXCLUSIVE REPORT 2 - " With Villains , anything goes ! "

We were lucky enough to have our own very special correspondent at Dubaï being able to attend Mr Jeffery Deaver's first official Public Conference as the new James Bond thriller writer.

In the second part of her report , we'll learn tantalising titbits about the plot of Carte Blanche .

Text & Photo copyrighted Miss N.Cloet 2011 - Editing & Publishing copyright Media Bis 2011 .
Report written by Nathalie Cloet

He ( James Bond ) is carried forward into the current age, Deaver’s Bond is 30-something, born in the late 70’s, and very much follows his own conscience.
On why Bond is so influential throughout the years: “Bond is not a cardboard character hero. He has a great deal of depth, Fleming made him question a lot of things. He is a real, a flawed individual. At times he hurts, and has difficulty doing what he does.”

On how Bond has influenced his own life: Mr. Deaver admitted to being a “nerd” growing up, socially inept, and drawn to reading Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Sherlock Holmes.
He picked up his first Fleming book at age 8 or 9, and feels that Fleming set the standard for Crime fiction for him, and that he was disappointed by other writers when reading them afterwards.
He calls himself a very plot-driven author, and thinks of himself as sick & twisted.
He works up to 10 hours a day.

He stated that it is very rare for a writer to be in his situation, where he makes a living as an author.

He uses only 10% of his ideas in actual books, and as is well-known, all of his books have 2-3 big surprise endings, including Carte Blanche.

He stated that he will never kill his protagonists, just as he will never hurt children or animals.
So, it will be quite likely that James Bond will survive this adventure. (Thank God in name of all Bondfans! ) .

Unfortunately Bond did not find time during this adventure to go for a sauna and a swim, or take a tour of the Burj Khalifa.

Mr. Deaver wants people to stay up late reading, and after having finished the book saying “That was fun”, not “I learned something”, but “I enjoyed that”.

On the subject of villains, Mr. Deaver commented: “With villains, anything goes. One can create the most sick and twisted characters. My villains echo Ian Fleming’s villains: quirky, unique, larger than life and passionate. Every character has a sense of depth.”

He explained wanting to step away from stereotypical villains (a banker for a US bank) or stereotypical henchmen ( “a guy with my hairstyle and a ponytail, a leather jacket and a goatee” ).

“We need a villain who is as smart and rugged as our hero, but more ruthless than him, so that when our hero defeats the villain, there is a resonance with the reader.”

EXCLUSIVE REPORT - " State of Excitement : Jeffery Deaver onstage appearance at the Dubai Emirate Airlines Festival of Literature "

We were lucky enough to have our own very special correspondent at Dubaï being able to attend Mr Jeffery Deaver's first official Public Conference as the new James Bond thriller writer.

Text & Photo copyrighted Miss N.Cloet 2011 - Editing & Publishing copyright Media Bis 2011 .
Report written by Nathalie Cloet

Tuesday, 18 January 2011.

The location where the event was being held, the Dubai Cultural and Scientific Association is quite a while away from the city centre.
A small book stand was set up by Magrudy’s, containing mainly Ian Fleming and Jeffery Deaver novels, although some young bond books and the odd copy of Devil May Care could be found as well.
Here one could also purchase the “special book plates” mentioned in the press that Mr. Deaver would be signing after the event. A bit disappointing, as these turn out to be just stickers one can stick in the book afterwards.
In the audience we find mainly what seems to be academics and general literature fans, I felt rather alone as an actual Bondfan in the room !
With a small delay, at about 8.10 pm, the event started with a short film, showing excerpts of the Bond films, of course starting with a few of the gunbarrels ;
Followed by an elegant performance by local singer “Celeste” in a sparkling black dress, singing Diamonds Are Forever, Goldfinger and Goldeneye.

Finally, the hostess of the evening, Shahnaz Pakravan , introduced Jeffery Deaver to the audience, in his 1st public appearance as a James Bond author, as Jeffery 00-Deaver, to which he jokingly replied that he prefers “Deaver. Jeffery Deaver”.
Upon being asked how he came to write the Bond novel, Mr. Deaver explained being approached by Ian Fleming publications in the month of November 2009 and after debating for about 7 seconds said yes to this opportunity.
He then immediately decided to set the story in Dubai, as he had travelled to Dubai previously, and had then decided to set a book in the city.

He did specify that he had seen more than the “tourist” side of Dubai, and would feature that in the book. He called this the “Wikipedia trap”, merely stating facts and pictures that can be found anywhere online. “A book needs emotional resonance, not facts”.
On how much Dubai will feature in the book: “Secret agents are standing backstage and will whisk me off if I say too much” joked Mr. Deaver, though explaining that it is a typical Bond book, in the mold that Ian Fleming created.
James Bond gets an assignment, and different leads take him to different locations.
In Dubai ,there is some very fast paced action, races through the streets.
He finds the locals very helpful, and has some wonderful food & drinks along the way.
“Bond has made an indelible impression on Dubai, just as Dubai has made an indelible impression on Bond.

“James Bond is a hero in the traditional sense of being a hero, willing to lay his life on the line for his country in the line of duty, although always wondering if what he is doing is the right thing to do”
Remerciements : Lucy Chavasse - Colman Getty ; ; Mr Jeffery Deaver ; Nathalie Cloet

James Bond à la Carte : a Photo report

Our local correspondent , Miss Nathalie Cloet , was present at Jeffery Deaver 's Dubaï Emirate Airlines Festival of Literature tuesday Public conference .

The writer discussed the art of Thriller writing in front of a captivated audience .

Complete and detailled review of the event will be available soon .

Young Bond author Charlie Higson will make himself an appearance for a conference titled 'The making of Young Bond'
( Event set on Friday 11 March, 15:00-16:00Al Baraha 2, InterContinental Hotel ) .

We have people everywhere...

Watch this space for more exclusive info .

Acknowledgment : Miss N.Cloet
Photos copyrighted Media Bis / N.Cloet - Do not reproduce without authorization .

dimanche 16 janvier 2011

James Bond is given...CARTE BLANCHE

U.S Writer Jeffery Deaver revealed this morning the title of his new James Bond thriller at Dubaï , during a World wide Book event .

The new novel will be entitled CARTE BLANCHE ( we French undoubtly appreciate the nod ...And hope our local publisher won't change it for some ' Operation Carte Blanche ' or something * ... ) .

Seems only natural since ( prominent ) part of the story will take place in the Emirates ( more precisely the Deira and Port Saeed areas ) .

As a bonus we just learnt that les Editions Flammarion ( which already published in France Sebastian Faulk's Devil May Care ) will offer French fans a translation of Monsieur Deaver's 007 oeuvre .
Crossing fingers that no one will want an original title of their own for the French readers now...

More details on the plot are also promised to surface soon ...

In the meantime , enjoy that ' auto production ' promo clip ( edited from official sources ) .

Keep reading this blog !

* : First Gallimard French title of Goldfinger being... Operation Chloroforme !

mardi 11 janvier 2011

Here we go again...At last !

MGM announced today , January , tuesday the 11th of 2011, that "BOND 23" is set to go into production in late 2011.
Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of EON Productions, together with Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, the Co-Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., today announced that the 23rd James Bond film will have a worldwide release on November 9, 2012.

Daniel Craig will be returning as the legendary British secret agent ( sigh... ) , with Sam Mendes directing a screenplay written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan.
That script is being kept under wraps - and likely to be very different from the synopsis submitted earler last year by Peter Morgan, then attached to the production .

As we all know , the reason for the 007 delay is because it took that long for MGM's future to sort itself out what with the failed auction sale of the studio, then the pre-packaged bankruptcy getting approval, and eventually Spyglass taking over studio filmmaking.

MGM, which received a cash infusion last month of $500 million, had been expected to move quickly to lock down Craig and Mendes for the project in order to take advantage of the 50th anniversary of the Bond franchise.

Last but not least , MGM has already been working up plans for a 2012 yearlong commemoration of the golden anniversary of the first Bond pic, 1962's "Doctor No." ( this being the actual quotation of the Variety article dedicated to that annoucement . ) . Better warm up the Visa card I'd say ...