lundi 30 mai 2011

Carte Blanche : the French Promo site that never was

It is rather well-known I'm considered as some kind of French specialist as far as 007 business is concerned .

Bearing in mind that two years ago , the French PR bureau in charge of Sebastian Faulk's DEVIL MAY CARE promo had shamelessly « borrowed » huge chuncks of the bio section , without first asking us ( things were promptly repared after a tonic mail from yours truly ) , we decided this time to directly propose the French Publishing House in charge of issuing Jeffery Deaver's Carte Blanche in French language some ideas of our own for the creation ( and administration ) of a brand new French site .

To achieve this effect , the main Web designer of worked round the clock to propose an original aproach – due to match my precise instructions .
Which were ' no girl with flaming gun in hand , no roaring car , no explosion and no nudity ' .

In short : a clean approach – to favor both 007 fans and new potential readers as well .

Our Web designer perfectly understood the point and rose to the challenge .

We had consequently by mid March some pages to show to the French Publisher .

And then Fate torpedoed us in the guise of someone I met on FaceBook – arguing he was himself working in that very same Publishing House .
We had several common friends I trusted , so I accept him amongst my FB relatives , and then naturally asked him to forward the CB promo website proposition to the right person .

It then seems a much more trustee and faster way to get in touch with the right persons , don't you think ?


Cut to one month later ( April ) and roughly thirty mails later : we still hadn't heard back from the French Publishing House PR bureau .
I had a nagging feeling in my stomach and began to reconsider the validity of using that FaceBook ' Friend ' as a go-between .

Comes May – a rather busy month for me with its annual Cannes International Film Festival .
By then, I had finally heard again from the mysterious FB guy , who even had the nerves to ask me where I was staying during the Festival ( assuring he was going to appear there by the second week ) . Never saw him there .

Back in Paris by mid May , I was now officially seriously worried .

It was obvious our proposed French Promo site project couldn't be used anymore – we simply didn't have enough time left before the French launch ( June the 1rst ) to do a proper job as we thought earlier back in March .

I decided then to fluke the unofficial approach and simply try to directly contact the PR bureau .

I had been fortunately in touch earlier with one of the two translators hired to do the French version of Carte Blanche , and that person kindly pointed me – minutes after receiving my email – to the Attachée de Presse put in charge of the French promotion .

Turned out she NEVER received our own project , was sincerely sorry to learn we had put time and labour to try to submit that , and was , of course , interested at once by a proposed collaboration .

Heck, after all, is the biggest 007 French site in term of connections per day , quite simply ...

So here we are .
Do enjoy two of the proposed French Carte Blanche website pages we worked on three months ago ...
And which , mysteriously , never managed to reach the P.B Bureau in time to be officially considered .

Lesson to be learn : beware your FaceBook friends .
You may think it's Daniel Craig answering you but it could also be some nerd frantically typing from his bedroom ...

jeudi 19 mai 2011

Carte Blanche... A la Carte !

We are glad to report we'll be working in advisory capacity with the P.R agency in charge of the French Carte Blanche promo campaign .
French release date of the book will be June the first ( due to a peculiar Flammarion publishing calendar , title couldn't be announced on May the 26th as with the international editions ) .

The French cover will be – in all modesty – one of the best looking of the whole bunch with a silver Ian Fleming Publication 007 logo impressed on the Carte Blanche motive ( several variations were proposed till that one was finally agreed by all parties and decided upon ) .

No gadget tie-ins this year ( such as the mini Devil May Care booklet which was inserted as a freebie in various French newspapers ) but a massive huge poster campaign in Train Stations and Metro .