lundi 21 décembre 2009

Christmas Bonus : LICENCE TO REMEMBER - exclusive Bond Memories From Tony Crawley - Part 2

Chateau Claudine , cuvée 65'
A meeting with CLAUDINE AUGER

May 17, 1965, was a Monday and the day I met the then newest Bond Girl in her suite at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Corinne Clery, Sophie Marceau, Eva Green, they came later. The very first French Bond babe was Claudine Auger - Domino in Thunderball. She told me many things that afternoon... “James Bond is sometimes very tough with his women. No matter. I like this sort of man... I never wanted to be a beauty queen, winning Miss France was a surprise. My parents were very angry. I was only 16... My younger sister, Anne-Marie, is far more beautiful than me, she’s like a young Sophia Loren. Her favourite star is Sean Connery. Sean gave me a handsome photograph signed specially for her.”
And then she got to her clothes. Or not... “Oh, I must have 120 dresses at home, 50 swimsuits... Funny, non, to have so much. You see, when I’m at home, I’m not wearing anything. I like to be nude in my house. It makes me feel so free. Non, I do not bother pulling the curtains. I’ve never seen anyone looking at me. Yet.”
I was. Just looking at and drinking in her great looks and warm personality... slowly... like a good French wine. Chateau Claudine. Tony Crawley
Photos © Eon Productions, 1965
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