vendredi 4 décembre 2009

A View To Deauville

September 85 . The Deauville American Film Festival welcomes the Bond circus .

To promote the nearby french release of AVTAK ( retitled in French...' Dangerously Yours ' ! ) ,an Eon task force is sent to Normandy . Composed of Cubby Broccoli, Roger Moore, John Glen and Fiona Fullerton .

The Artistes Assoçiés France ( french branch of United Artists ) rented an helicopter decorated with the film logos ( gun-barrel + french title ) to take the guests directly to the Palais des Festival .
Cannot honestly remember anything interesting from that Press conference ( except the usual joking attitude of Roger Moore ) .
Must say I had been slightly disappointed with the Press screening of the movie , cringing at the pre-credits sequence and ( heavily ) sighing during the whole film...

Had the good fortune of being granted an interview with the lovely Fiona Fullerton ...

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