dimanche 6 décembre 2009

Remy Julienne : the real James Bond behind a wheel - Part 1

They say the Movie world is full of superficial persons , more concerned with their egos than anything else .

Well, it's true but there are noticeable exceptions .

You can also discover some true genuine human being , immensely talented , enjoying his work like no other ,and still incredibly modest about his art .

Such is the wonderful StuntMan Supreme Remy Julienne who devised every motocar stunts for 007 from 81' till 95' .

Remy is quite your average friendly guy , always ready to discuss with fans and enthuses about some memories of him .

I have the chance of being able to meet him on more or less regular basis ( a mere phone-call and -hop ! - Remy will pop up in Paris in minutes ... ) , and each time feel like a little ten years old boy again, listening to magic stories about days which are halas no more , during which making movies wasn't just a Money affair , but still a joyous , unique adventure ...

We all know the contributions Remy made to the Bond Canon , basically bringing his own style of car chase filming to the 007 films ( I'm thinking there of a ' classic ' Remy Julienne stunt which has cars roaring full speed through...Stairs . See ' The Italian Job ' and then...AVTAK ) .

Remy also devised for the French Disneyland Paris Theme Park the great ' Moteurs , Action ! ' Stunt car attraction , which is still today one of the most popular events of the Movie themed park .

Afficionados of his work will recognize easily some ' Bond stunts ' , nicely adapted to the ' live ' performance , as well as some winks to the Condorman Disney movie ( am not sure this was intentionnal from Remy , but it makes a nice hommage of sorts since Mr Julienne also devised the car chases for that 1981 flick ) .
As a formal recognition of his work in the Movies , The ' Festival de Valenciennes ' ( formerly titled ' Action Film Festival ' ) has created a Remy Julienne Award Prize which is given each year to a new and promising young actor with physical abilities ...

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Acknowledgment Pics : Julien Vialon ( 007's World )

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