vendredi 11 décembre 2009

Remy Julienne : The Real James Bond behind a wheel - Part II

Let's go on with some more exclusive Remy Julienne Archives :

- The cover of his Promo brochure of 1985

- The real story-board of part of the A View To A Kill Seine bank / Eiffel Tower car chase

- The Man himself goofing around with THAT car ( yes ...We ALL did that , when near an Aston Martin DB5 . Must be compulsory I guess ... ) . That pic was used as the cover of the official Remy Julienne 1995 released VHS video program ' Il Fait Des Bonds ' ( impossible to translate in English . Litteraly , it means ' He Makes Leaps ' . But the French word for ' Leap ' is indeed...Bond ! Aha . Clear enough ? )

Some anecdotes now : to achieve the filming of the chase between the DB5 and the Xenia Ferrari at the beginning of GoldenEye , Rémy had to devise an ingenuous ploy .
Simply mounting a false DB5 body on the chassis of a much sup-upped car ...

For despite all efforts , the poor old DB5 - which was also available as the ' real thing ' for the shooting of the sequence ( close-ups & all ) couldn't compete with the super-charged Italian beauty ...

Several fiberglass made DB5 bodies were available ( many of them turning up much later in various Movie auctions under the false denomination ' GoldenEye one & only Double - car ' ) .
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