lundi 21 décembre 2009

Christmas Bonus : LICENCE TO REMEMBER - exclusive Bond Memories From Tony Crawley - Part 3

More , more ...Much Moore : Roger Moore IS James Bond

Dolphin Square, September 24, 1969.
My first Roger Moore interview is for... Playback, the 3M tape magazine.
On how/why he uses tape-recorders - certainly never to practise accents.

Pinewood, December 31, 1974.
Roger is completing That Lucky Touch (it wasn’t) and talking his head of to me about being a cop’s son... discovered as an extra: “everybody was in a toga, carrying a spear. And my spear was longer, that’s all there was to it... I wasn’t a born talent like Albert Finney, I had to work at it...”
You did a week as a stand-up comic in Wales? “No, four nights. Before they sacked me. Ghastly... In Hollywood, they suggested I was too English... When I first said: ‘My name is Bond, James Bond,’ it sounded just like Sean... I like being Bond, you’d have to be fucking daft not to!” .

Les Ambassadeurs, July 3, 1980.
My final film reception (Sea Wolves) before moving to France. The headline became: NO MOORE BOND. “I’ve done it. I’ve proved I can do it. I’ve proved I can make money. And I object to discussing terms for the next film while being threatened with their many clones being tested. Which strikes me as being slightly bad manners. I’m not into that rat-race.”
Tony Crawley

[Every 007 film has a page on Tony’s website, www.crawleyscasting]

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