mercredi 7 avril 2010

Maggie Nolan invented Body Painting ( sort of )

There is a girl called Dink in Goldfinger.
Not important. Part of the wallpaper... You see her butt getting a friendly pat from 007 while taking the air at a Miami pool. She is played by a London actress called Maggie Nolan who was far better known to the male population as Great Britain’s foremost nude model, Vickie Kennedy.
And it is she, not Shirley Eaton, who is the goldened girl in Robert Brownjohn’s famous credits sequence.
I was at the shooting one afternoon, watching Brownjohn angle his camera and movie projector this way and that to enable various clips from all three Bond films (up to then) to be wittily and sexily projected upon Maggie’s shining body.
I recall 30 minutes or more spent on making sure Sean’s golf-putt landed right in the centre of Maggie’s cleavage ...
Yes, I must admit to watching her statuesque body, as well. (And I was paid to do so!). “It’s hard work,” she said during a tea break. “Takes an hour a day - twice - before and after lunch - to get all the gold painted on me. (Not to mention getting it off). Then I had to stand and/or lie on a hard platform for hour after hour with the projector flickering Mr. Bond all over me. Still, the result made it all worth while.”
Even so, most fans thought it was Shirley Eaton.

Tony Crawley
Pic © Media Bis 2010

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