mardi 25 janvier 2011

Carte Blanche : Your Mission , should you decide to accept it ...

Wonderful stuff received this very day in my mail box ( the
real one - not the Matrix-like ones ) : an A4 plain white enveloppe encrusted with the literary 007 logo . Send by Hodder & Stoughton ...

Enveloppe seemed to contain unusual stuff when I picked it up : surprise , a brand new MP4 reader , complete with set of headphones , Usb link and a Press announcement about Mr Jeffery Deaver's next James Bond novel ( you know , the one with a French title . Hoorray ) .

Truly Mission: Impossible stuff ... Was almost expecting after fiddling with the controls that the thing casually blew in my face .

( Have to confess that , although being myself a true geek regarding new technology gadgets , I'm definitly not the Engineer type . You know , the one who can instantly understand how works the latest Tokyo manufactured gadget ...)

Hence a few minutes ( nah, let's be honest : a good half an hour ! ) fighting with the thingie , just to try to have it ,well, ...Passing on its ' on ' mode .

Don't laugh , I'm embarassed enough .

Anyway , the Technika MP4 Player containts the Carte Blanche video animation ( which can be seen on the official site ) , music tracks ( 2 ) , Radio tuning , Recording function, etc.,etc...
Hats down to the Communication bureau who thought of that great idea .
Haven't had such fun since receiving the blue Promo diskettes for the Independance Day movie launch way back in 1996 .

Can't help wishing to have next a vintage Aston Martin DB5 parked right in front of my house in Paris , with a buxom Blonde as Chauffeur ...Come on, Hodder & Stoughton, please ...

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