vendredi 2 juillet 2010

Bond 23 officially pronounced dead ?

In a tragic case of History repeating , the Bond 23 production future is beginning to look more and more like the ill fated Bond 17 one...
Various sources quoted the Eon crew - which was supposedly working on the pre-production of the movie before the official April announcement of the delay due to the MGM financial troubles , had been now told that the film was ' officially canned ' .

The situation now seems to mirror the way the third Timothy Dalton movie - advertised at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival under the code name ' Bond 17 ' - is repeating itself .

Another nail in the coffin of the ill fated Bond 23 production is the fact that strictly no annoucements , news or Press release regarding the mere status of the movie have been made during the whole latest 63rd Cannes International Film Festival . Not a whimp, not even gossips . Utter ( and defeaning ) silence...

It should be noted however that no official Press statement has been yet issued so far by Eon, MGM or Sony to confirm the definitive halt regarding production of this third Daniel Craig 007 movie.

Fingers crossed...

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