mercredi 21 juillet 2010

Back to the Future : Goldeneye 2010

Ok , no new film on the horizon but two new ' virtual adventures ' lined up for the end of the year ...

On a personnal level , I just find the idea of using the title of a Pierce Brosnan movie for a Daniel Craig game version totally...Hideous , but I can easily understand the marketing behind that unholy decision.

Find it rather tedious though to hear exactly the very same orchestration of the James Bond Theme both for the Blood Stone AND Goldeneye wii games - the one used by Eon to introduce viewers to Daniel Craig's 007 in Casino Royale in the official movie trailer that is .

Is it an obligation from Danjaq , or merely a cruel lack of inspiration from both Bizarre creation and Eurocom ( developpping the new Goldeneye instalment for Activision ), I wonder ?

Come on people : watch again the inspired teaser trailers from the classic movies ( ' This man has a Licence To Kill . It means he can kill whom he chooses , where he chooses , when he chooses ' ...) and come up with something a little more original...

" Ever wanted to be a 00 agent ? "

" A Licence to play "

" For Your Wii Only "

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