mardi 23 février 2010

My tailor is rich ( but he deserves it )

My best friend ( and actor ) Julien Vialon - a former French 007 Fan Club President himself - paid a visit to London last week and took the time to visit some crucial ' James Bond locations ' - so to speak .

First step was to have a look at the World famous tailor , Turnbull & Asser , based in Savile Row ;

Celebrities and Stars like Sir Winston Churchill , Sir David Niven, Art Garfunkel , ' several Princes of Wales ' ( quote from their opening page ! ) have been regular customers of the grandiose Tailor office ...Not to forget all the James Bond actors of course .

Amongst those Celebs , a Film director called Terence Young who took his future Dr No star - a former scottish truck driver who will be rocketed to stardom a few months later - to have his new 007-like shirts specially made for him ...The rest is History .

Thanks to the kindness of Turnbull & Asser 's people - and more specially M. Raymond Bailey - Julien listened to some fascinating information on the behind-the-scene tailor business with Mr Bond ...

For instance the little-known fact behind Daniel Craig's Casino Royale shirt measurement seance in the shop ;

The actor casually ripped open the first model when trying it for measurements - being slightly too ...Muscular for the size !

Aknowledgements : Turnbull & Asser , M. R. Bailey .
Pics taken by Julien Vialon and kindly reproduced .
Sir Sean Connery pic reproduced from Turnbull & Asser Livre d'Or - Do not use without permission .

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