mercredi 3 février 2010

The most dangerous Bond ...Ever !

If not Pierce, who for The Living Daylights...?
Mrs. Cubby - the Dana of Danjac SA - said: “Have another look at Tim Dalton.” He had been seen for OHMSS.
I felt it’d be dumb, really stupid, to take over from Connery... particularly at 25.” (Much the same reason why Pierce was relieved at not being able to make Dalton’s Daylights).
This time, Tim was keen.
Having by now read all the books, he wanted to “try and capture Fleming’s Bond.
I couldn’t see myself taking over and not doing it my own way.”

Fine, said Cubby. Let’s go. “You must bring your own interpretation to it.” Difficult with script, written for Moore, slightly adjusted for Brosnan...
Tim finished Brenda Starr in Jacksonville, Florida, on a Saturday, flew to London on the Sunday and was playing 007 on Monday morning.
“A transitional film,” he said. “You have a very valid responsibility to the past and the prize success of those films.” Cubby was delighted with Tim. “ A vanishing breed: a gentleman actor with a highly tolerable ego.”
Even Sean approved.
Declining GoldenEye ( nda : although officially announced in 'Bond 17 ' ) , Tim holds the record of being considered for films made by each of the other 20th Century 007s (OHMSS, Diamonds Are Forever, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy.).
Sad to see him go.
Tim remained as close to Fleming’s Bond as he did to members of the Broccoli family. They invited him to be one of the pallbearers at Cubby’s 1996 funeral.

Tony Crawley
Photos © Nicole Michelet & Media Bis ( 1989 )

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