samedi 16 novembre 2013

It's detente , comrade . Peace at last between Eon and the Kevin McClory family

MGM and the producers of the James Bond movies have finally acquired all of the rights to the 007 franchise. 
After a legal battle royale that has gone on more than 50 years, the studio and Danjaq today announced they now have all of the rights and interests to the British spy held by Kevin McClory and his estate. 
McClory worked with Bond creator Ian Fleming and writer Jack Whittingham on a script for the very first James Bond screen adventure in the late 1950s - the trio formulating a generic 007 script titled " James Bond of the Secret Service " , which Fleming would then use as the main basis of his novel ' Thunderball ' ( omitting to mention the input of his two colleagues, and thus leading to a legal action which will ultimately cause his own death )  . 

McClory would later claim he helped created a number of iconic elements of the Bond world and gave the character a more movie-friendly persona. No details of the agreement or a settlement have been released. 
However, I’ve learned that the agreement over the long-standing dispute was finalized between the parties in the last two weeks.

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