mardi 9 octobre 2012

" This is the BIG one , 007 " ( This title is fully copyrighted Tim Greaves / Media Bis . Anyone using it without proper authorization is in for ...Quite a lot of troubles , I'll tell ya' ! )


It weighs - approximatively - 6,4 kgs
It covers the production of ALL James Bond Movies - from Dr No to Skyfall ( including the non Eon produced ones ! )
It's a deadly weapon .
It's the Taschen James Bond 007 Archive book .
3 years in the making .
Thousands of exclusive pics unearthed and compiled by documentalist Paul Duncan .

First , the editions . Book will be available a little after the European release of Skyfall  .
It can already be pre-ordered on the Taschen website .
A Special limited edition ( around 700 copies I've been told ) should be available . Don't have precise details about that one ( heard about Daniel Craig signed copies , though )  .
An ULTRA SPECIAL VERY ( VERY ! ) limited edition will be produced .
With a 24 carat Gold lamé cover and gold leaf pages . It will be produced at such a restricted number that I prefer not to tell you about it , for fear of inducing mass suicide amongst Bond Fans around the World ...

Let's talk about the content now .
In a word : i's a WINNER !
If you thought you already knew everything about the Bond movies , then think again .
I would say about 70% of the picturial content is completely new and exclusive .

Documentalist Paul Duncan was given complete access to Eon archives ( which were - according to Taschen P.R - a ' real mess ' ... ) as well as Columbia pictures and Warner Bros ones ( for their respective entries in the Bond Canon ) .

Each chapter is dedicated to a specific movie - opening with some superb shots taken from their respective Credits sequence .

The real surprise then is to finally see both the Columbia Casino Royale version and Warner Bros Never Say Never again entries included at last in an official Eon / Danjaq book .

Granted, the NSNA chapter isn't that long - and without a lot of exclusive pics ( some storyboards - already seen here and there , a Theatrical release Poster sketch , some candid behind the scene shots ... ) . The text is very informative - and for once didn't downsize the movie when compared to the Eon ones .

But it's the 1967 Casino Royale chapter which really shines . With lots of never before seen pictures , and promo adds , funny anecdotes about the Hell the production went through to try to deliver something which could be more or less understood by a general audience ( some critics say they failed . But they tried - and very hard ! ) .

Book is constructed in a chronological way . From 1962's Dr No to 2012's Skyfall
Strangely enough , the latter films are more exclusively profusely illustrated than the Sixties ones . 
I suspect that quite simply , recent archive material was easier to unearth , than,say the caterer's menu of From Russia With Love ...

Anyway , despite a rather hefty Sale price , I can only say that's it's worth " every penny of it " .
Taschen PR jokes , telling me that perhaps they will make another one ... " In about fifty years " !!!

P.S : there IS a small complaint I could make . No information about CBS Climax Theatre 's version of Casino Royale . But since it wasn't a movie production, one could admit surely Taschen could be forgiven for that . Or could they ? ...

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