mercredi 5 septembre 2012

Christmas is coming early this year , or the Skyfall Tsunami

 It all started rather slowly when in June CartaMundi ( the Belgian card manufacturer - already associated with Eon since D.A.D ) first offered its ' James Bond 50th Anniversary ' packs . Various selections were obtainable , culminating with the limited edition range one in a metal box .
Later this month Cartamundi will propose its exclusive Skyfall Casino chips range - since they designed the chip motives for the Hong Kong Floating Dragon Casino sequence .
Then Corgi announced a Skyfall Special edition Aston Martin DB V for october .
Then the books started to pour  ( in each & every civilized country of the world ) . Official Danjaq licenced ones - and ... Others ( Making of ; Anniversary ; Themed ; Fan written books . You name it . ) - flooding Amazon with announcements and early cover concepts .
Finally the ' big guns ' decided to enter the game : Sony Ericsson started to tease the general audience with glimpses of the new Xperia T phone ( used by 007 in the movie ) ;
Bollinger issued an official Communiqué by last august - reassuring Fans the legendary Champagne will indeed be back with a special bottle to celebrate both Skyfall and the 50th Anniversary of James Bond .
Coca Cola started its 007 campaign with online promo - and a very original clip ( more or less copied from an old ... Pepsi one ! ) .
A new perfume was exclusively unveiled at Harrod's ( London ) - with the obligatory pseudo ' James Bond Girls ' offering fragrance samples .
To be noted : although part of the Skyfall production , Honda - through its motocycle branch - wisely chooses not to go the usual ' Bondathon ' road with their CRF25OR model . Reason may be simple : the model had been largely customised to pass for two different vehicles - a street merchant one and the official Turkish police one ...

Let us hope this avalanche of licencees will be dealt with moderation in the upcoming movie ( not ' à la Moonraker ' )

Sony Xperia T new phone

French edition of ' Bond on Bond ' By Sir Roger Moore

Bollinger Bond 002 Cuvée

CartaMundi Poker Chips Deluxe case

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