dimanche 15 janvier 2012

A View to ... Nothing ?

Alerted by some UK medias ( Daily Mail , The Sun and various internet websites ) by the beginning of the new year about the London bound shooting of Skyfall , I thought it'd be fun to pass by the area and have a look on the first unit at work .

Unfortunately , I arrived a bit late on the actual Trinity square spot , where shooting was taking place .
The impressive , Greek like architecture ( huge columns and tetraheaded roof )  building  reminds me somehow of the Gozer building in Ghostbusters  ( it is now formed of  high-class apartments, but used to house the London Port Authority in the eighteenth century. ) - talk about Cinephilia ...

 Was actually on the spot Two full days after the shooting started there with the main cast ( Daniel Craig & Dame Judi Dench featuring proeminently in the szcenes )  . Mind you , there was still some units at work, obviously .

'Inner sources ' had already reported that the place could somehow  be used as a ... Morgue - or an official building of sort, where the coffins of the bodies of MI6 personnel killed during the attack which should take place at the very beginning of the movie would be exposed for a limited time ( I noticed some crushed flowers on the pavement ) .

Security was still tight ( impossible to enter the building , guarded by C&M Location Services people ) - meaning filming was still taking place inside .

Interestingly all the familiar yellow B23 ( cryptic ) signs had already disappeared from the area ( stolen by mad 007 collectors - or intentionally removed by the Production , not to alert them ? ) .

No one in the area seemed to have reliable information about the exact sequences filmed here ( and the Shooting panels posted here and there were excessively anonymous , as you can see ) .

As I was merely acting as a basic tourist , and not endorsing my Journalistic work cover , I refrained from texting Eon's current P.R to ask about the possibility of wandering closer to the set ...

Weather was beautiful with a clear blue sky , so I merely walk back home following the Thames , happy enough to have witnessed somehow a little part of the Skyfall shooting ...

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