lundi 17 octobre 2011

So you're fifty eh ? Soon reaching retirement age then ...

As some of you may already know , was in London last week to check up various things ;

First thing I noticed while in the Tube were large adds for a new book dedicated to Ian Fleming's Elite Commando .
Checked later about that one at Harrington's , whose owner clearly advised me against buying said tome . Oh well , maybe for completists only then ?

Next on the agenda was of course a visit to Eon's offices - with two purposes .

First , trying to obtain the date of the Pinewood Studios Bond23 Production launch International Press conference ( rumoured to be happening next month ) .
Sorry to report that despite turning my old French charm full towards the lovely Blonde receptionist , I couldn't get a clear answer ( " If there were such a conference already planned , don't you think I'll be the first to know ? " kindly answered me the innocent creature ) .

Second : getting a lil' bit more informations about next year Beaulieu ' Bond in Motion ' unique exhibition .
Been a little bit more successful on that one , getting a teaser poster and various infos .
Exhibition will be opening January 2012 at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu .
Teaser I'm reproducing below . Very classy . Very Bond . Very Vintage . Love it .
As a bonus , also got printed on that one the official 50th Anniversary logo , which I'm ashamed to say looks like the work of a 12 years old kid using PaintShop Pro for the very first time . Come on guys : don't you have better designers at Eon's who could just devise something , eerr , a bit more imaginative than this oh-so Classic Gunbarrel motive ?
It's the 50th Anniversary damnit , not just a tea Party ...
Note to future thiefs : I have colorized said logo - which was originally only in Black & White .

That was about all the news I learnt while being on British soil those last days .
Oh , and I saw a beautiful vintage DBS Aston Martin parked in Portobello Road too .
Unfortunately she was painted metallic blue ( mind you : a Bronze one would have do too ... ) .

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