jeudi 2 décembre 2010

Report from London - November 2010

Met various interesting parties while being in London last week .
First , journalist Robert Sellers - busy writing another Bond inclined book , due to be published next year in Britain .
Cannot talk about its subject yet , but it will deal with a proeminent figure of the Movie Bond universe ...
Also learnt interesting new titbits about the proposed Leo DiCaprio Ian Fleming biography movie ( still only in talks for the moment it seems )

Also met Mrs Sylvan Manson , daughter of screenwriter Jack Wittingham ( involved in the tortuous story of the creation of the first 007 movie screenplay in the late 50s ) .
Am still wondering if Mrs Manson is indeed allowed to sell reproductions of those early stroyboarded sequences of a proposed ' Thunderball ' adaptation though...Dangerous waters there...

Finally passed at the Fleming Art gallery and had a look on their latest exhibition ( not 007 related ).

Oh , and had the pleasant surprise of receiving back home Mr Jeffery Deaver's answers to my online interview of him sent some time ago ...

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  1. Deaver interview!? I'll be looking forward to that one. Thanks as always for the updates.