dimanche 31 juillet 2011

A View To a Thrill

Book project 1 updating : to all the people who helped me with the writing on my book on Fleming & the 007 saga , some details regarding publication .
Manuscript won't pass the quorum of Readers before Autumn now .
Should have been earlier but troubles with a so-called internal contact in the Publishing House delayed the whole operation .
Which actually may not be such a bad thing after all , since there's not quite much as a James Bond actuality these days ... Till the beginning of shooting of Bond23 this Autumn that is !

To entertain you , here are some variations on proposed covers dear friend of mine Stephane Tron created for the project . May he be eternaly thanked for those great designs of his .
Those are merely sort of concept art so far . Ideas just thrown in ( I've always found Nature Morte type of covers more striking than a casual illustration , how good they may be ) .

As a side point ,must confess I've been recently approached by a French publisher to write another book on the Bond saga - this time the Cinematographic one - to tie in with next year's 50th Anniversary hoopla ... But after initial positive contacts last month , a defeaning silence followed when I dared mentionning costs of Photographic material if book wasn't okayed by Eon / Danjaq - laughs ...

To see more of Stéphane's incredible Fan arts visit his own site at http://007art.free.fr/

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