samedi 20 février 2010

Spy Craze ( Monty Python style )

Ok, let me just indulge myself : Spamalot! has at least opened in Paris this week - with tremenduous success I might add , and as a long time ( die hard ) Python Fan, I wanted to pay a little hommage to that band of Gonzos who initiated me to the finest Art of British Humour .

So started to search for James Bond related material in Monty Python's Flying Circus catalogue of fabulous sketches ...

Mind you, I could have taken the obvious easier route and start writing a panegyric about the most Bondian member of the Pythons...

You know the guy who's incapable of correctly slamming the door of a Z9 BMW coupé in the Q work room ... ( and had already sent up the Bond image in a TV commercial years earlier...) , but it would have been too...Contrite .

( Find instead two pictures taken at Stoke Poges's 2002 Ian Fleming Foundation James Bond Anniversary affair where I interviewed the Silly Walk Master for French TV... )

Hence the proud displaying of this other gem : a nice send up of Brit 1960's Spy craze Tv series ...With Terry Jones at his best !

Think Danger Man, think Man In A Suitcase , think The Avengers ... And, of course , most of all...Think about a certain Double O Agent who started it all...

And , above all, pay attention to the Credits music !

Many ,many thanks to Doug Redenius & the Ian Fleming Foundation .

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