vendredi 4 décembre 2009

You Only Drink Once ( with moderation )

The time : october 95

The place : the official Goldeneye Eon French Licencees meeting .

Due to my glorified position at that time ( was working for the new version of LUI magazine- which was supposed to issue a special Goldeneye number to tie in with the french release ) I was invited to attend the meeting of the official French Danjaq licencees .

A casual affair where each concerned partner show the object ( or prototype ) he intends to sale to some ' board of directors ' representing Danjaq and Eon interests in France .

Amongst the obligatory usual objects - calendars , t-shirts, caps ,toys , etc. - stood a complete oddity .

A French wine producer wanted to sell a Goldeneye Bordeaux bottle , complete with silhouette and gunbarrel logo on the product !!!

I managed to get my hands on a prototype bottle through cajoling ( and false promises of giving the addresses of some Lui model girls .. ) the representative of the vineyard.

Not surprisingly though , the final product never made it to the supermarket .

When I asked about the reason why Danjaq had finally decided to pull the plug ( after all, they had authorised a prototype to be produced ) I was merely told that this kind of product couldn't be tied in with the younger audience the producers were eager to grasp with the new movie ...

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